Tight Club Athletics

Tight Club is a fitness studio and community in Vancouver, BC. I designed and developed their website.

The Details
2019 - 2020
Tight Club Athletics
UX/UI Designer & Developer

I worked with founder Keighty Gallagher to create a fast, modern website that puts control of Tight Club’s story and content in the hands of her team.

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Creating the digital home for a progressive fitness community.

Tight Club Founder Keighty Gallagher approached me with a unique challenge. She had a well designed site, but it no longer represented the key values of her business and clients.

Her vision built a thriving studio and community, and we worked to bring that aesthetic and story to the website as well.

ouR goal

Uniting real world and online experiences.

Tight Club’s success comes from creating an inclusive, accessible, fun, challenging and loving fitness community. I created a clean, modern and lightweight design to help tell Tight Club’s story and highlight their core values.

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The Tech

A flexible platform for growth.

We wanted the website to grow organically with the studio and community. I developed it using Webflow to allow the team the greatest freedom to update, create content and keep the site tight.

On Page Editing

Written content, rich media and photos can be updated right on the page.

Custom CMS

The team can easily create custom pages for Team Members, Events and Blog Posts.

Performance and SEO

Ultra fast page load speed combined with on-page SEO increased SERP from page 5 to 1 in the Fitness Studio category.

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Here’s what I use to bring our ideas to life.

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